IP-PBX Solutions


Advanced Features for Cincinnati Business

The features we provide, allow your company to maintain a connection with its departments, suppliers, vendors, and customers. These include: audio and video conferencing, call recording, web collaboration, advanced call reporting, as well as call centers. Our professional team will assess and prepare a personalized solution that has the advanced features you need to for your business.



One of the biggest trends in today’s corporate world is mobility. Having a full-working office in your smartphone is crucial for success. We offer customers the freedom of having mobile office phone services on your device, which is billed to clients’ office line, too. This helps significantly reduce costs. The “Find Me / Follow Me” features, along with the ability to share services through different devices, are our best mobile integration advantages.




  • Streamlined

    You get an easy-to-use platform operated by Internet, voice and other multimedia services.

  • Low Costs

    You can switch from CapEx to OpEx using our phone system. Save money with our free installation and maintenance.

  • Voice Prioritization

    Voice is prioritized so that all calls, incoming and outgoing, are reliable and clear.

  • Quality of Service Assured

    You are guaranteed secure voice delivery through our privately managed and owned nationwide IP network.

  • Flawless Multi-Location Integration

    Our services are from a cloud-based system , so they can integrate multiple specific geographical locations, offices, and devices.

  • Toll Fraud Protection

    We are able to notify you and/or immediately take action whenever excessive or erratic call patterns happen. This is made possible through our real-time voice traffic analysis.