SIP Trunking Solutions Provider in Cincinnati


There are many technologies available to deliver SIP Trunking services. The solution that’s right for your business largely depends on the size and type of business. Citel can provide you with the opportunity to leverage on a Nation-wide network. Our SIP Trunking has guaranteed high service quality with unparalleled security and connectivity that cannot be found elsewhere.

In addition, VoIP SIP Trunking Service also supports multiple re-route and failover options. These options ensure a stable network and connectivity during outages or traffic congestion. With our company, you have reliable features you need at lower costs and your communications are equally unified.

Our teams of experts are available to help you make the suitable choice  for your IP Phones, Cabling, and Network equipment. These selections are carefully selected based on your business needs.


SIP Trunking Benefits


Minimize Cost

SIP Trunking will help you minimize the cost of communication in so many ways. Our SIP Trunk Line rental services can help you to save about 45% of the recurrent charges on legacy line rental charges. There are many other incentives that would help you to minimize communication costs

Increased Service Flexibility

SIP Trunking Service can increase service flexibility. The provisioning times are also reduced. With our VoIP SIP connectivity in place, you stand to gain a lot of incentives from Broad-Soft Telephony services.

Teleworking Enhancement

Our SIP Trunks gives you the opportunity to operate communications across locations. The employees that are remotely located are equally connected to the central office via VOIP.

Recovery from Disaster

Data recovery from disaster is possible with SIP Trunking. The recovery can be done in a faster and more efficient way with an IP network’s distributed architecture. This is more flexible than a fixed line, circuit-switched counterparts.


Economical for long distance and local calling in Cincinnati Ohio

The SIP Trunking services attract reduced toll charges. Communication costs are highly reduced with SIP trunking.



With our range of technology, you can afford to expand your business communications and still ensure continuity. Voice channels, porting your existing numbers and creating a virtual presence for your business can be done effortlessly.

Simplified Management

Our Telephony services are handled effectively through a web-based management system that is efficient and flexible for your business operations.