VoIP Solutions

If you are worried about making the right choice when choosing a VoIP phone, we are here to help. We have more than 300 different types of VoIP phones, WiFi VoIP phones and conference phones from the best manufacturers available. If you are on a tight budget and need dual Ethernet ports or multiple line appearances, then we have a solution for your VoIP hardware needs in Cincinnati.

Wireless IP Phones

Businesses can take advantage of our network with wireless VoIP mobile phones. They can be easily incorporated, and your workers can enjoy the latest communication tools from their mobile devices by simply connecting to the existing wireless office network.

Video Phones

Video conferencing improves conversion rates due to effective communication and dealing with issues is much simpler. It is affordable and easily adaptable. If you are planning for a modern communications tool, remember to put video conferencing on top of your checklist.

Conference Phones

We offer a huge selection of hands-free conferencing solutions that are fit with the latest features available in the market today. Expand your business boundaries by utilizing conference calling facilities.

Contact Citel, Cincinnati’s #1 VoIP Phone Solution Provider and get the IP Phones that are a perfect fit.